anyone here..?

Anyone here?

as you may have noticed there is nothing going on here yet.

to give you a short update: jobwise I’m currently working on a design system for a public project.

in the meantime I also started to make our home smart - by using a raspberry pi with home assistant and some shelly devices (1PM, plug, button). next step will be the garden project, where I want to install some fancy ambient lighting. I’m still looking for the right spots & lamps to realize this - and it needs to be some degrees warmer to embed the big terrace lamp in the ground. the self-installed solarpanels also have to be integrated to the home assistant. currently I track those earnings with a Sonoff POW R2, which has to be flashed, or I replace it with another shelly device - which would probably be the smart thing.

well anyways - that was just some thought during my lunch break.

if you have questions regarding any topic I just mentioned, just hit me with a mail.

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